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Today, another outdoor rope net project has been installed, and I can't wait to share it with everyone. The project I want to share today is in a farmhouse in Tangshan, Hebei. The project occupies an area of 260 square meters, which can accommodate 50-60 people climbing and playing at the same time.


The  rope net project is a classical tree trampoline park. The whole project uses the trees in the site as a backing. The rope net is woven between the trees and above the air, allowing visitors to fully experience the joy of crossing the jungle on the air. 


The design plan of the trampoline project in Tangshan is divided into two areas, namely the "aerial football field" and "Collision space". The two areas are connected by a rope net channel and paired with a hand-woven rope net  swings, which greatly enriches the gameplay. Imagine a football game on a bouncy rope trampoline must be a very interesting thing..


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