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On June 16, 2020, our outdoor large-scale rope net trampoline project in Zhongchuan Town, Lanzhou, Gansu Province was officially passed the acceptance. This is also the first comprehensive cultural tourism park in Gansu Province that has an outdoor aerial rope net trampoline project.


Zhongchuan Town is invested and constructed by the Zhongchuan Ecological Garden in Gansu Province, with a total investment of 220 million yuan. It is a comprehensive ecological park integrating northwestern special food and catering, folk customs, horticultural scenic spots, and cultural tourism. The successful construction of our company's rope net project this time also greatly enriched the entertainment projects in the park and became the most unique unpowered recreation area in the park.


 The project covers an area of about 500 square meters, surrounded by trees and beautiful natural scenery. The overall bird's eye view of the project is a triangular design, and the main structure is made of galvanized steel pipes. The facility can be divided into four areas, the central rope trampoline area and the extended climbing area at three corners.


The highest point of the project is 8 meters away from the ground. Except for the central rope net trampoline area, the other three areas are all multi-layer designs. Visitors can climb up and down, shuttle back and forth, or take a slide to return to the ground. In the three areas, two rope net channels are directly connected to achieve the effect of unifying the entire project.


Shandong Funnets Rope Net Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as the rope net amusement equipment manufacturer with the most domestic projects, has produced and installed various indoor and outdoor unpowered amusement equipment all over the country. The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy that quality is the foundation of survival and service is the core of development, and it is also increasingly recognized by our customers.

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