What is an aerial rope
net trampoline?

The Rainbow Rope Net project is the company's traditional advantage project. With the soft swaying characteristics of the rope net, the colors are carefully matched to provide children with a safe and colorful climbing and play space.

The three advantages
are incomparable

  • 01

    Climbing jump

  • 02

    Traversing expedition

  • 03

    Group game

  • 04

    A corner

Application scenario

Rainbow rope net case display

Ningbo Case

Yantai Case

Yantai Laiyang Case

Shanghai Case

Malaysia Case

Harbin Case

Zhongshan Case

Guangzhou Case2019

Rainbow rope net patent certificate

Rainbow rope net bearing test report

Rainbow rope net breaking force test report

Detection report of toxic and harmful substances in rainbow rope net

Rainbow Rope Net Flame Retardant Test Report

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