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Recently, the epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled, and various places have resumed work one after another. Our company has also been fully resumed. Today I will share with you an outdoor climbing rope net amusemen project that we just installed in Taizhou China - one the biggest outdoor trampoline in Taizhou.


The rope net amusement project is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. The location of the project is near the seaside where has pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. The area of the site is about 1200 square meters, 90 meters long, 15 meters at the widest point, and the highest point of the equipment reaches 7 meters. The whole design structure is rectangular corridor design, inclusion multivariate games function and all connected to each other.



The main frame structure of the project is assembled by welding steel structure.the frame made of steel structure can produce more shapes, not affected by the terrain and the position of the trees, which can give the designer more space to make the desired shape.



The overall shape of the project is a bilaterally symmetrical design, and the gameplay is also combined with all the characteristics of the rope net amusement equipment. It integrates with drilling holes, climbing, jumping and expanding leisure and entertainment. The rainbow rope nets are made by hand,and also can be used as embellishments to make the color matching of the entire project more abundant and playable.





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