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 In addition to factors such as favorable geographical location, distinctive theme positioning, and scientific combination of equipment, the marketing and operation system is also one of the key factors for the success of a paradise. Follow the new childhood fun to see the following business strategies, may help you.

1, marketing strategy planning

In order to create a unique image, establish visibility, and attract more customers, indoor children's parks must have a complete and unique marketing strategy plan to stand out from the competition. To plan marketing strategy in a holistic way, we must take into account all aspects. For example, the difference between light and peak seasons: how to win competitors during the peak season and strive for more market share; The planning of marketing activities should be rich and unique.

2, festival promotion activities

Grasp the festival as a product or ticket promotion, and it can also drive the consumption of goods and restaurants other than tickets. Various festivals and promotional activities can bring more abundant benefits to the park. When planning festival promotion activities, it is necessary to plan special activities according to different festivals. Various Western festivals such as Christmas and Halloween are increasingly used in the planning of indoor children's amusement parks.

3, marketing business development

The indoor children's playground is a unique amusement product. It can be combined with other types of industries to make its own marketing business more extensive and marketing channels more accessible. For example, it can make strategies with kindergartens, shopping malls and food merchants; It is also possible to do combination marketing with Shangchao to allow customers to obtain ticket coupons for indoor children's amusement parks when they purchase goods.

4, off-season discount promotion

When the indoor children's amusement park has low passenger flow and low equipment utilization rate, it can implement a strategy of discounted tickets to attract customers to the door. Customers are attracted to children's parks due to ticket discounts. Spending on dining, entertainment, or buying tourist goods does not necessarily decrease; This is also another marketing strategy to stimulate tourists 'desire for spending. Numerous facts have proved that the off-season ticket discount promotion strategy can effectively mitigate the situation of off-season turnover.

5, with other brands

In the previous discussion, if the indoor children's amusement park itself reaches a certain scale, characteristics, quality, and image, it has in fact acquired intangible assets. It can consider joint marketing with related industries to achieve win-win and multi-win results. These cooperative businesses themselves should have a positive image, and their image and the image of the amusement park can complement each other, and the combination of the two can play a role of mutual promotion and promotion, so that the association will have meaning.

Reperfect marketing plan, or need to make appropriate adjustments according to the actual situation of the park itself; Careful analysis of market development trends, careful observation of customer needs, so that the park to keep up with the pace of the times, become a star indoor children's park in the eyes of customers.

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