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Liu Yubo

User needs:

The location where the client wants to make the rope net is on the top floor of the outer periphery of the shopping mall, using the steel frame of the main building of the shopping mall to create an aerial rope net trampoline park that is more than ten meters above the ground.


First of all, our designers selected two areas based on the location of the steel structure on site, with an area of about 800 square meters, and carried out a design plan based on the characteristics of the site. The two planned areas are a large aerial rope trampoline area and a small expanded rope climbing area. The two areas are connected by a 13-meter rope net channel. The large aerial rope net trampoline area is the main body of this project. It is woven with two layers of high-strength polyester knotless nets. On this basis, we have added a rainbow maze made of hand-woven rainbow nets. Climbing the island not only enriches the gameplay of the project, but also makes the whole project look more colorful.

Key case sharing: Sky Net Thailand aerial rope net project

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